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Adaptable Layout

See all of your formatting controls, no matter what size your window is. Wordcraft will make sure that none of your formatting controls get lost when the window shrinks. It's easy to write multiple documents, side-by-side (or with tabs).

Custom Formatting Engine

Enjoy easier-to-use and more powerful formatting features, thanks to Wordcraft's own custom formatting engine that was created from the ground-up.

First-Class Image Support

Since Wordcraft features a custom rich text file processor, it can open and save .rtf and .rtfd documents with embedded graphics, even from Microsoft Word and Wordpad (including embedded JPEG/JPG, PNG, and raster WMF images).

To resize an image, simply click on it and drag one of the corner handles that appear.

Word Count

Always know how many words you've typed—it's always there at the bottom and updates as you type. Need we say more?


Drag the slider or simply pinch with your fingers to zoom in or out. Wordcraft keeps the text properly wrapped to the size of the window so you won't ever have to scroll sideways.


If you've encountered a problem with Wordcraft, have a feature suggestion, or simply want to say hi, don't hesistate to get in touch. We love hearing feedback!